Droids for Antiquity



What is Aristarchos?

Aristarchos is an app that allows the user to search for abbreviations commonly used for periodicals, series and monographs in classical studies.

Why Aristarchos?

There are so many incomprehensible abbreviations in articles or essays in classical studies. While there are lists published in every issue of Archäologische Bibliographie and the Année Philologique, these lists are incomplete and sometimes contradictory. Lists published in Année Philologique show almost only the abbreviations used in that issue; the lists of the Archäologishe Bibliographie, even though complete, sometimes conflict with those used in the Dyabola or in the issues of the Jahrbuch des Deutschen Archäologischen Instituts. In addition, searching through these lists is time-consuming and distracting.
Aristarchos was created to simplify and speed up the search for definitions of these obscure abbreviations, allowing the user to continue his or her research.